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In London, parquet flooring is a traditional, durable, engineered wood similar to hardwood in look and feel but more affordable. From the most basic styles to the most richly designed parquet floors speak to generations. If you are looking for a traditional, solid floor that is beautiful and practical, then look no further than Parquet. In London, pronounced "pa-kwa", these wooden floors have been used throughout the world for hundreds of years, and their popularity has dwindled little since then.

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It is inexpensive and goes with a wide range of décor styles due to its versatility, but what sets it apart is the slender style that can add extra style and elegance to your home or office space. Suppose you have been looking for information regarding parquet wood flooring. In that case, VR Wood Flooring can be your guide to great deals with high-quality parquet floor installation services. Get the most common types of floor coverings that are found in both residential and commercial properties.

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We have a good choice for your home or kitchen. It is an essential part of our life. You can use it to decorate the color of the room and make your home more charming. You can see that parquet has been widely used since the 19th century and rose to become the favored material for many buildings in the late 17th century because of its stunning beauty. Today, this flooring is commonly found indoors; they are mainly installed in living rooms, dining halls, and conservatories. There are various types of materials one could choose from when choosing parquet, like oak. Our parquet flooring London service supplies oak and engineered hardwood interlocking parquet laying, combined with real wood veneers in contemporary patterns and designs. VR Wood Flooring also sells beech, birch, liqueur, and peach pine wooden floors. Not just a synonym for hardwood flooring, while some of them used to be made from hardwood, today parquet floors are created with different materials that include manmade boards and tiles. A parquet floor is usually made from interlocking wooden slats that have an imprint that resembles the traditional herringbone pattern you will find in stone or slate tile.

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The sleek and simple design gives your room a stylish elegance, whether it is the living room or bedroom. In London, parquet flooring merges the traditional appeal of hardwood with the elegance and versatility of click-lock wooden floors. With a parquet floor in your home, you can make a real statement – not only creating a focal point in any room but adding depth and detail to your décor. When you choose us for parquet flooring in London, it sets it apart from its peers. The high quality and craftsmanship of the floors seem to be a trend that carries over into the industry. Give us a call today or email us your queries.


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