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Wood Flooring London
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Are your flooring looking dull or marked and scratched? You may be looking for a floor sanding service provider in London. vrwoodflooring offers hardwood, engineered wood, and softwood sanding services to restore ...

Wood flooring fitting in london

Wood Floor Restorations

You do your best to keep up with proper maintenance and cleaning but, over time, wear and tear takes its toll on Vrwood flooring. If your wood floor is starting to look damaged, stained or heavily scratched...

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Wood Floor Installation

Vrwood flooring is a popular choice with a variety of different products available today. While laVrflooringsis not a real wood flooring and consists of layers of fibre board with a veneer on top

Engineered Wood Flooring London

Why Should You Choose Us Today?

VR Wood Flooring London is experienced in all aspects of wood flooring in London. We install the highest quality domestic and commercial wood Parquet flooring layers and as a family-run business specializing in engineered wood fitting and herringbone flooring fitting also doing stunning wood flooring fitting, and engineered wood flooring fitting in London, for all customers for many years at very competitive prices.


We have over 22 years of experience in the wood flooring industry in london. Our projects range from small to big, from hardwood to engineered wood installation.


We provide top quality fitting and finish services wherever your home or business may be based throughout London and Essex. Hire us when you search “wood flooring near me” and have experts working for you.


Our focus is providing high-quality completion as a wood specialist in London. We are the reliable and quality-conscious wood floor fitters you need for your current project.

Fast Turnaround

We offer guaranteed best price and wood flooring layers installation services to increase your place’s value and appeal in record turnaround time.


Reasons Why VR Wood Flooring Is Perfect For Your Project

Wood flooring is the most popular floor cover. People always look for wood floor installation specialists to get their own attractive and decorative style of a wooden inside polished with the best finish.

The wooden floor needs certain types of fitting which could not be done by any other type used for other floors like ceramic tiles etc. We have specially trained individuals who know precisely how to approach working with someone.

London has become one of the hubs for wood flooring expert companies; we are one of them, who provide you latest and elite fitted Wood, Parquet, and Laminate.

We are a wood flooring fitting company in London covering all of London and the outside area. Whether wood flooring installation or repairs, we can help you get your floors looking as good as new.

Our Products



We undertake Wood Flooring Fitting services in various parts of London. We can supply all type of Wooden flooring at the best price guaranteed.



Offering you a professional flooring installation service, from our own experienced team to the highest possible standards and warranties.



Our expert repair wooden floors – hardwood and solid, parquet, blocks floorboards, replacement and scratch repairs of recently laid wooden floors.

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Installing every kind of hardwood floor covering in private homes and commercial properties our installers are fully insured and work to high quality standards.

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Teresa Sawkins
Teresa Sawkins
23:09 15 Mar 22
I shopped around for months and ultimately bought from Vr wood flooring! Quality of wood is insanely good! Everyone was extremely professional. Would highly recommend without hesitation.
Irsan Mehar
Irsan Mehar
14:34 25 Feb 22
Very honest and reasonable quote. Always responds to call and emails. Was on time for installation. Cleaned the house after completion.Very recommended.
Alina Marea
Alina Marea
21:22 10 Feb 22
We used Vrwoodflooring for supply and Fitting our wood floor. Amazing product great finished! I highly recommend to anyone
alex hinch
alex hinch
17:47 28 Jan 22
We would highly recommend Vrwoodflooring. The service was great from start to finish. Tim was really helpful in getting us to choose the right floor. The fitters were great and the end product looks fantastic!
Criag Fox
Criag Fox
15:51 26 Jan 22
Excellent service, they made multiple delivers for me free of charge and where always on time. Very competitive pricing for all types of flooring needs. Highly recommended!
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Frequently Asked Questions

The inherent warmth that emanates from the tactile experience of traversing wooden flooring is undeniably captivating. In the vibrant city of London, a captivating juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, the utilisation of wood flooring has undeniably emerged as the quintessential foundation of domestic aesthetics and refined sophistication. Should you find yourself in pursuit of the quintessence of this amalgamation, VR Wood Flooring shall serve as your ultimate destination nestled within the very core of the urban landscape.

Our odyssey within the realm of the wood flooring industry has transcended mere planks and finishes. The narrative has unfolded as a chronicle of ardour, artistry, and an ardent appreciation for the essence that timber imbues upon any given environment. At VR Wood Flooring, we hold in high regard the profound notion that each individual piece of timber possesses a narrative waiting to be unveiled. A narrative encapsulating the essence of maturation, development, and enduring aesthetic allure. When engaging in discourse regarding Wood Flooring London, we are not merely alluding to a mere commodity. We are engaged in a discourse concerning a particular mode of existence, a profound sentiment, and an artistic creation that evokes a profound connection with the essence of this renowned metropolis.

Upon reflecting upon my initial interaction with a meticulously fashioned wooden floor, it became apparent that its allure extended beyond mere tactile satisfaction or its visually striking hue. The profundity of the matter was truly remarkable. Every individual grain, every minuscule flaw, conveyed a multitude of profound messages. VR Wood Flooring strives to encapsulate the quintessence of its craft. Our meticulous selection process extends beyond the mere act of choosing timber. The crux of the matter pertains to the discernment of narratives, affective states, and the annals of the past.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of the market, one cannot help but observe the enduring allure of wood as a flooring solution. Pray tell, what is the impetus behind your inquiry? The inherent quality that truly distinguishes this particular entity is its remarkable versatility. Envision a modern loft situated amidst the vibrant thoroughfares of London, or perhaps a classic townhouse resonating with the storied heritage of the metropolis. Wood flooring in London effortlessly integrates itself, regardless of the thematic, temporal, or architectural characteristics of one’s dwelling.

Our showroom has been graced by an abundance of patrons, whose countenances illuminate with delight as they delicately caress the wooden surfaces. One observes a discernible gleam within their ocular orbs, accompanied by a subtle curl of the lips, indicative, perchance, of their cogitation regarding the ideal spatial enclosure wherein this particular item would harmoniously integrate. VR Wood Flooring provides a captivating and immersive encounter, replete with a myriad of sensory stimuli and intellectual engagement. Embark upon a profound odyssey commencing from the lush depths of the verdant woodland, culminating in the sanctum of your abode, all the while ensuring that each and every stride taken resonates with utmost superiority and eminence.

However, one must contemplate the intricacies surrounding the subject matter of wood. It transcends mere aesthetics. The subject at hand pertains to the concept of durability. At VR Wood Flooring, we frequently engage in profound dialogues with our esteemed clientele regarding the enduring nature and timeless allure of our exquisite wooden floorings. We elucidate upon our meticulous procedures, our unwavering commitment to stringent quality assessments, and the unyielding quest for flawlessness that underlies the creation of every individual plank. Nevertheless, despite the meticulousness inherent in the aforementioned precision, each floor possesses a distinctive signature, akin to an individualised pulsation resonating within its very essence.

Wood Flooring London is not merely a linguistic expression. Indeed, it is a solemn vow. An assurance of veracity, opulence, and a profound connection with the natural world. In an urban landscape characterised by perpetual transformation and ceaseless dynamism, one finds solace in the enduring nature and unwavering dependability that wood embodies. VR Wood Flooring guarantees that this encounter is unequivocally extraordinary.

In summation, when contemplating flooring solutions that harmonise with the essence of London, one’s thoughts ought to gravitate towards VR Wood Flooring. Immerse yourself in our realm, wherein every plank, every grain, and every finishing touch serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment. It may appear somewhat excessive to assert, but within the confines of our flooring, one shall encounter not solely the presence of timber. One shall discover a fragment of London’s essence. Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals, and allow me to extend a warm welcome to VR Wood Flooring. Within the confines of our establishment, one shall discover the embodiment of London’s essence resonating within each and every meticulously crafted plank.