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Our expert repair wooden floors – hardwood and solid, parquet, blocks floorboards, replacement and scratch repairs of recently laid wooden floors.

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Flooring is a styling element that adds beauty to any room of your house and also have a huge role in making the ambience warm and inviting. The best part of engineered wood flooring is that one can choose any kind of design on it.

There are many designs, styles and color shades available. They are trendy and classy as well which will give an elegant look to your rooms for sure. Because they are often thinner or otherwise engineered, wooden flooring strips are much easier to install over already installed floor boards in situations where a traditional real wood strip would not be feasible.

Before the advent of engineered hardwood flooring, people seemed to instead prefer installing traditional solid hardwood floors whenever they could, rather than attempting to preserve old or existing ones.

Have you ever wondered what VR Wood engineered wood flooring is? A good place to start would be with some basic understanding of the product.

We provide specific high quality-control standards according to globally accepted lumber specifications and production techniques in terms of manufacturing and design. These high standards guarantee a higher degree of durability than most other types of flooring available today.

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Engineered wood flooring has a light pith that gives weight to the product-it is used in construction to make it lighter, permitting you to carry out numerous tasks on each other time.

These floors are also often installed by one man and a pickup truck since they find yourself being less bulky than conventional wooden floors and can be gently maneuvered.

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Hardwood floors have been popular in London and throughout the UK for hundreds of years. The first recorded commercial production was during the 1800s with the first solid hardwood floor being fitted to a room at Buckingham Palace in 1837.

Since that time, engineered wood flooring has increased in popularity and now comprises over 50% of all wood flooring sold throughout UK and Europe.

Everyone knows a reasonably decent chunk of the overall population is now urbanized. The way people live and get around have changed immensely throughout recent history.

Engineered wood flooring, sometimes called engineered timber flooring (ETI) and also known as a solid wood like laminate floors or parquet.

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But it is manufactured by bonding layers of veneer to produce a very hard wearing surface with the look of natural wood, just much safer around children because when dropped from table height onto concrete the parquet tiles would shatter into many small pieces without causing any damage to the kids.

Choosing quality engineered wood flooring fitting in London has become extremely easy because of the internet. Now you can get anything, delivered to your doorstep with just one click and at an affordable price!

Home owners like yourself spend hours on researching everything from the top brands to best prices and deals. You do not have time to waste standing in long queues or driving from store to store, which is why a lot of people are turning toward home delivery services for help.