Wood Floor Installation

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Vrwoodflooring is a popular choice with a variety of different products available today. While VRwood not a real wood flooring installation and consists of layers of fiber board with a veneer on top, it is the perfect imitation of solid wood to an extend where it is sometimes difficult for unprofessional person to distinguish between laminates and natural wood products.

Vrwoodflooring are available in different finishing effects, including wood floor effects, natural stone effect, terracotta, and parquet patterns. Vrwoodflooring have achieved a wide popularity not only because of their natural appearance, but also due to their high level of resistance and durability and fairly easy and quick installation.

Due to their melamine wear layer, laminates are also harder than natural wood and more scratch resistant, making laminate floorings exceptionally durable. Because laminates are artificially made and do not contain natural wood, they are also much cheaper to supply and install compared to other floor coverings. However, a significant disadvantage of laminate floors over real wood floorings is that once scratched or damaged, they cannot be repaired or sanded and in most cases an overall replacement would be required.

Wood Floor Installation

Make A Great Long-Term Investment—Install Wood Floor Today

London is considered the capital where all things happen. It covers an extensive area, which ranges from suburban regions to further residential districts and extends across much of the southern part of Great Britain. Wood floor installation includes installing the flooring in a room. VR Wood Flooring works hard to understand how our clients live, what will make them comfortable, and how we can meet their needs. Your lifestyle affects your decision about which type of wood floors you choose for each room.

Our London based hardwood flooring specialists are experts in wood floor installation. Choose our traditional wood floor installation services; we also offer dustless refinishing and historic restoration of hardwood floors typically found on period properties like stately homes, castles or mansions. If you are looking to restore your floor, refinish or install a brand new wood hardwood floor, we provide the services and products you need. We also offer maintenance as well should you want to preserve the appearance of your existing wood floors.

Get Variety, Styles, & Unique Options—VR Wood Flooring Brings Exotic Options

Our wood floor installation in London involves many steps; here, we have a simple approach to help customers choose from our range of wood flooring. We will be uploading more floors in future. We tend to focus on everything you need to know before installing a wood floor: furniture removal, safety measures and recommendations, maintenance tips etc.

We specialise and pride ourselves in our long-standing solid reputation for offering the most comprehensive range of hardwood floor installation in London. With a combined wood flooring experience of 15 years, you rest assured that you will receive an outstanding result, whether your project is large or small. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering beautiful results using only the finest sustainable woods with zero tolerance on sustainability issues.

Knowledge, Experience, Thorough Preparation, & Efficiency—Perfect Cocktail For Perfection

The wood flooring installation in London, also called hardwood floors, has a history that stretches back to ancient Egypt and is still considered some of the most elegant in construction and appearance. Most people do not give much thought to their flooring—other than making sure it is clean, dry, and free of debris. The truth is that what lies beneath your feet says a lot about who you are and how you live. Choose our services and have a quality wooden floor that inspires pride in the home and instils comfort in its residents, feeling confident that each step will be solid, sound, and velvety soft. Wood floors also add value to any property.

Easy To Clean

We do wood installations that do not accumulate dust, debris, or dirt. Do a weekly cleaning, and you are good.

High-Quality Look

Our work is high-end aesthetic, elegant, and offers warmth, the value of wood, and beauty. The look will never go out of style.

Strength & Durability

Our wood floor installations can handle active workspaces and heavy foot traffic, also Kiln-dried, manufactured, installed, and finished per standards to last centuries.