Herringbone Flooring Fitting

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Are you ready to upgrade your current setting to stunningly handsome décor? With our herringbone flooring installation, your floors will always come in fashion.

If you have a neutral style or bright colour, opt for a patterned alternative like herringbone that can bring out the best in every room and style element you have in mind.

Herringbones look as good on their own as they do alongside other patterns, from ornate black-and-white marble to simple striped tiles. At VR Wood Flooring, you have experts installing flooring to give you the best in the marketplace.

Herringbone originates from the pattern covering the floorboards of British warships built in Herringbone when they returned victorious after defeating Napoleon. Install history on your floor today! Contact us!

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Herringbone flooring is one of London’s most popular and versatile hardwood floors. It became very fashionable in the 1850s when it was first introduced. Today, there are several different ways to install herringbone floors, and we can help you install all of them.

Hire us today! We are your local, independent flooring specialist in London and the South East. Home renovators and interior designers have come to trust us as a credible source of advice and installation on their flooring choices and estimations.

We welcome you to our knowledgeable team of staff, who will personally guide you through every aspect of your flooring project, from planning right through to completion. Our website offers you complete guidance on choosing the right herringbone flooring in London as specialists in flooring.

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We will make a pattern made up of a combination of narrow strips, forming lines that lean in towards the centre—usually as an alternative to wainscoting—or radiating out from it. The more lines used, the more space between them and the narrower they become.

In traditional herringbone patterns, a unique strip was created for each line; today, almost all are manufactured in widths for ease and convenience. As flooring company specialists, no job is too big or small for us.

Whether you love it or hate it, the herringbone pattern is one of the most recognizable flooring designs in the world. With its unique diagonal check pattern and timeless elegance, this style has become a firm favourite for historic London townhouses, modern loft apartments, and everything in between.

We use herringbone flooring fitting, a method of laying floorboards. The boards are laid flat in alternating directions to form distinctive diamond shapes or patterns.

When choosing this flooring, you select the strongest and most unusual flooring on the market! In some regions of London, this type of flooring can be fitted by trained professionals, and that’s us.

If you are thinking about getting a hardwood floor, you should really consider what sort of finished look you want to achieve. A herringbone floor pattern can be seen in a wide variety of different styles of parquetry. Let us help you decide.

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Herringbone flooring fitting means something more to homeowners in London than the best quality of floors that you can lay. It means brand name build-up and a reputation. This is only possible with our herringbone flooring in London services.

Enhance your interiors with genuine solid wood herringbone flooring. Choose stunning oak flooring, elegant walnut and more to create a timeless look that will last for years. Hire us, who specialises in the supply of hardwood floors and wide planks.