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You may want to do something creative with the space you have in your home and maybe expand it to some degree to accommodate your family’s changing needs. In that case, you should consult with a builder capable of delivering you the best house extension designs.


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VR Wood Flooring London is a reputed builder, and we have numerous successful projects under our belt. If you are looking to find the best builder, we can definitely provide you with highly competent house extension services that can be good for you.

Our building work is highly detailed, and we can manage the planning and execution of your building extension with great accuracy. One of the reasons you should choose us as your trusted builder is that we can present you with thorough building services no matter the nature of your project.

It is always good to get a builder to do some extension work instead of buying a new property and then moving out. With our help, you can get the best house extension services at the most affordable prices.

We understand that you need planning for constructing your house extension and our professionals can certainly help you build house extensions that you can benefit from for many years to come.


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If you are unsure which building contractors can help you have the best building services for house extensions, you can trust us at VR Wood Flooring London for the finest expertise.

We can have our architects create the precise architectural design for your building so that accurate drawings and specifications can be decided upon.

We always create the drawings and plans according to compliance building practices. Once the local authority approves these building plans, we can start with our building services according to the open plan that has been created. As builders, we can develop highly curated and custom plans that suit your precise home extension requirements.                  

As we are done with the main building work, we can have one of the building inspectors look at the house extension design and construction work that we have carried out. Since we are an experienced builder company, we know how to create building extensions approved by the local building authority.

The design by builders can ensure excellent results in the long term. This means that the building work will look as good as new even after many years of usage. Our builders can also seamlessly blend the old and existing parts with the latest features to not look stylistically mismatched.


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We can also have our builder implement any design feature you want us to work on. Such efficiency in extension building work makes us the best builder. While working on your project as a builder, we make sure that the value of your property is increased significantly.

It would help if you had planning and proper handling of building extension work according to compliance building regulations, and our extension builders can do that for you.

We always adhere to the best industry standards for creating your home’s extensions. According to the open-plan, we make for you; our experts can bring the actual architectural design to fruition.

Getting our builders to work on your project can certainly enhance your home’s value. Once you have chosen us to work on your home’s design and build, we can have our builder do a thorough job for you.

As experienced builders, we can work with effective methods to ensure you use the space in the best possible way. So once you have decided that you will hire a company of building contractors, make sure that you choose VR Wood Flooring London for the best builder solutions.